Egypte : hommage en photos aux femmes égyptiennes qui luttent dans la rue

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Women of Egypt


Worth checking, interview with a woman from Egypt, on the streets of Cairo ch?v=RtLJpzUp2Z8

IMP: I did NOT take any of these photos, I´m just compiling them, I´m not even in Egypt! By now, a lot of people are sending me photos and I´m just posting them. I don´t have the rights to any of them, but it is important to get the voices out especially that the media so far has been ignoring the presence of women in the Egyptian revolution. For usage of photos for publications and the like, you should contact the people with the rights to them. It is a public album to be shared, so please feel free to spread it. All power to the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions, may they be the first of many worldwide!

IMP 2: Messages are flooding my inbox, so are requests for friendship. I can´t answer no keep up with the flood. Please focus on making noise about what is happening in Egypt. Protest Vodafone and Orange, protest your governments and the Egyptian and Tunisian embassies! International solidarity is what we need!

For everyone who has been asking where the women of Egypt are! I´m trying to compile all the photos with Egyptian women in them.

A homage to all those women out there fighting, and whose voices and faces are hidden from the public eye!

p.s. few of these photos were compiled by me, the rest were sent by people from all over after I published the album! I´m so grateful for everyone who is sending me photos and links, tagging me..etc.

p.s. 2 I´m trying to confirm that all of these photos are from Egypt, if I publish any by mistake, forgive me! All revolutions are one in the end!

If you have photos of women during the Egyptian revolution, please send me a link, or a message! The album seems to be picking up quite fast! Let´s pay these women and the people of Egypt the tribute they deserve for inspiring all of us!

And here is a collection of photos dedicated to the women of Tunisia (from Le Monde - thanks to Raida)

Tahya Tunes, Tahya Masr


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SuperNana 06/02/2011 05:18

Bonjour Dan,

Que c'est agréable que de voir des femmes égyptiennes se battrent dans la rue, et sans foulard ... preuve que ce que femme veut  .... tu connais la
suite ...

Preuve aussi qu'elles peuvent être insoumises ... et étant une femme ayant la chance d'être libre, j'en suis heureuse et admirative de ce qu'elles font en ce
moment pour elles et pour leur beau pays, l'Egypte ...

Encore une fois, merci à toi, Dan, de permettre de savoir tout cela ...

Bon dimanche à toi. A bientôt. Bizzzzzzzz ...


dan29000 06/02/2011 10:23

C vrai il n'y a que certains occidentaux pour croire encore que les femmes arabes sont toutes soumises, les tunisiennes et égyptiennes en sont des preuves vivantes d'insoumission et cela va
changer beaucoup de choses dans leur société et donc dans le monde...Bises et bon dimanche Mitsuko