Ô Houria - Liberty" - An exceptional singer, live performer and songwriter, just perfect... enjoy & never miss a concert of her !
Souad Massi from Algeria at Botanique in Bruxelles Belgium on 2nd december 2010 (as part of the festival EUROPAVOX), playing with 4 excellent musicians
Rabah Khalfa - percussion
Jeff Kellner - guitar
David Fall - drums
Stef Castry - bass

You find the song on the fifth and new album of Souad: Ô Houria, 2010
Words & music: Michel Francoise (for the song Ô Houria)
The songs of this album are like a new love, so...

For more Souad go to: http://www.souadmassi.net
and http://myspace.com/massisouad



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